Arend ‘Joax’ Maatkamp


First contact

With graffiti the story starts in 1995 when, after visiting an architectural exposition on the south side of Rotterdam city in the Cruise Terminal, my dad went to take some photo’s at a nearby graffiti wall, the raw beauty of it all hit me head-on.

Most notable on these walls was the legendary Byz. with 3 (or more) really fresh burners.


A new name

After a few years of random graffiti without any insider guidance it all started to take a bit more of a solid form and thus the choice for a new name came about. JA being my initials OX for the area code of Rotterdam city 010.

Coming from a period of senseless vandalism, looking on to the future with a sincere intention to develop the artistic side of it.

Still very much in a beginners stage tho :-P


History lessons

Somewhere around this time I got a hold of an oldschool graffiti book that my dad picked up in NY back in ’79.

This changed my whole perspective on graffiti, documented in this book where the first step in the evolution from tags to pieces.. everybody was taggin up stuff and some people started to make their tags bigger, some put outlines on their tags and some started adding decorations around it.

This really made me reflect on how I build my pieces and it let me reflect on the importance of tags and good handwriting.


Living large

An amazing time where I got to live in an out of use office building in a remote part of town called Heijplaat. The warehouse behind it was an amazing graffiti playground for the time being.


Organic expressionism

A sort of new path that combines quite a few things that have been a part of my pieces over the past few years.  In this I feel like I’m doing what I love the most.. paint fast and paint big..


Furniture design

Another new wave in this creative flow, finished my studies woodworking and started making furniture in my workshop. No clue where this will lead yet.. but we’ll see :-)

uuh.. yeah..

Now what?

You can follow my work on social media. Want some work done? Get in touch..

Also check out my crew.. Gospel Graffiti

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