Debt/Death Culture


The ultimate price to pay

[This text is a work in progress -Dec 31st 2019]

When we hear the word debt we usually tend to think about the monetary version of it while this is a huuuge issue (us being slaves to the banks ‘n all) it is a very shallow definition of debt.

Food consumption is a obvious next one, an issue over which the more informed westerners worry themselves the reaction to this this problem is where it starts to crack tho, one starts to eat vegan religiously and everything that has the word vegan on it becomes holy and unquestionable. While the a great deal of the vegan products available in our shops today contain huge amounts of either soy or wheat which are very unhealthy in it’s unfermented state.

Multiple levels of Debt/Death

Food production is where the issue become a bit more complex and at the same time a lot bigger.. Take a cow for instance.. it takes an X amount of grass land to raise a healthy cow, not giving the cow what he/she needs for it’s natural growth creates debt and the price is being paid by the cow, mother nature and the human beings consuming it’s meat or milk.. anyone but the production company (it would feel kinda weird to call them farmers).

The price paid by the cow is the most obvious, in the worst situation it has a miserable short life in torturous jail-type environment.. in the more positive situation it has some space and maybe even some grass but it gets fed corn, wheat or soy to get it through the winter. Cows like humans can’t really digest these products all that well and they get all sorts of inflammations in their bodies which results in a lot less healthy meat. Here’s where we come to the transferred price that the human beings pay because you are not only what you eat but also what your food eats.

Debt Culture = Death Culture