Adobe custom keyboard shortcuts and menu alterations

A quick tip for intense use of Photoshop (and other Adobe CS programs ofcourse). I’m glad i was made aware of this funtionality so I thought i should share it.
I use a lot of functions in Photoshop that do not have keyboard shortcuts asigned to them and there are also a lot of functions that I do not use that have. Luckily the makers of these software packages have some amazing time saving stuff build in. They have had it for years but there’s always this thing with visual orientated people and reading lots of letters, it does not always seem to work that easy.

It’s not all that great if you know.. but if you don’t… :)

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  1. Sister
    Sister says:

    Also note for keyboard shortcuts on windows: using the alt on the right side of the spacebar, the one saying ‘alt gr’, will function as alt+ctrl at the same time!
    So Altgr+I = image dimensions!


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